Patel Foundation

We work with communities to create conservation-led efforts that produce economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Helping others is the first step

Build and leave a better living world

Our Initiative

We know conservation starts with communities. Our unique approach to sustainable community development protects nature as both an economic and community asset that provides sustenance, open space, jobs, economic opportunities, important cultural ties and much more.

Promoting Global Peace through Tourism

Tourism can bring about peace, or at least decrease the possibility of conflict. Travel is associated with maintaining or enhancing one’s personal well being.

“There is nothing better that connects two people’s mind than a good conversation” Like a great conversation, tourism could be said to play a vital role amongst people all over the world. It fosters communication in all its senses, intercultural dialogue, and mutual understanding.

1 Trillion

 economic impact of violence and conflict globally. This is equivalent to 10.5 per cent of global GDP.

1 Billion

Adults Worldwide don t have basic banking transaction accounts

Our Target


Homes addition in America by 2035

Programs And Partnerships To Promote Around The World Cultural Tourism, Wellness Tourism, Sustainable Tourism And Educational Tourism.


The interaction between individuals and their host communities, each group with their own diverse culture, can contribute in incredible ways to tolerance, respect, and mutual understanding the building blocks for a more peaceful world. Tourism has been hailed as the global peace industry.”


Tourism has been emphasized as one of the most effective instruments which continue to tackle to tackle social and economic poverty, as well as encourage the culture of peace practice amongst people.

Tourism is nothing more or less than people meeting with the willingness to understand each other s differences and point of view and simultaneously creating the opportunity for dialogue, mutual understanding, and peace to take place.

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